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So I know I’m a fairly quiet blogger…

I post things, reblog, and very rarely say much outside of…well random nothings. But, I just thought I’d take this time now to say something.

 I have 254 followers now. I’ve gained and lost over the few years - and I’m just glad that anyone feels compelled to follow, at all. I am also really glad that roleplayers are starting to find/notice my blog and taking advantage of the edits I provide!!! I know it’s mostly just, Duffy >_>; You’ll have to forgive my slight addiction - but I am pleased to know that someone is getting good use of them. Even if it were only 1 or 2 people. I will always provide edits, and share all of the manips I make for myself, for others to use. :))

Thanks for being awesome, guys. I’m glad that I could attract 250 followers with the random crap I post. Stay shiny and keep flying! You guys fuckin’ rock.