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how THAT scene must have gone... *cackles*
Naruto: Sasuke… Listen to me.
Naruto: Through many months of hard work I’ve perfected my ultimate jutsu and I can safely say that it’s going to knock her brains out.
Naruto: It’s the most hardcore technique the world has ever seen!
Naruto: No one, especially woman, can survive its absolute deadliness.
Naruto: I call it… the Sexy Reverse Harem no Jutsu.
Sasuke: WHAT
Naruto: Basically, I turn myself into a harem of drop-dead gorgeous naked guys. Kaguya will have no chance against the sheer sexiness. Amazing, right?!!
Sasuke: *speechless*
Naruto: Don’t look at me like that! Believe me, it’s phenomenal!
Sasuke: Let me just check if I got this right.
Sasuke: You mean to say you want to transform yourself into an orgy consisting solely of naked men.
Naruto: Yep!
Sasuke: To make her, a goddess, the Source of All Chakra… die of nosebleed by the power of cocks.
Naruto: That’s right!
Sasuke: Are you serious!?
Naruto: We don’t know unless we try!
Naruto: I’ve been practicing this jutsu in secret more than the Rasengan…! It’s worth trying!
Sasuke: If that can create an opening in the enemy’s defense… I guess we can try.